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December 11, 2019, 2:00PM Eastern 
Driving Success: The Secrets of Employee Motivation 
Presented by: Christina Davis, The LMC Group
In this webinar, Christina Davis will discuss how to motivate your team by sharing eight ingredients to a successful, collaborative, high-performing, well-motivated team; and surprise, money is not the only one!  Topics will include the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, how the work environment affects motivation, understanding that your management style is heavily influenced by what you believe about your team, and how to turn failures into learning tools that lead to encouraging happiness in the workplace.

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Archived Webinars:
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The Secret to Attracting & Retaining Talented Drivers 
Presented by: Mike McDonal, Saucon Technologies
With the current driver shortage, it’s a challenge for most operators to identify qualified drivers. If you can find a talented driver, the goal is to keep that driver happy and motivated—but, do you really know what that takes?

Making the Transition from AOBRD to ELD: Are you Ready?
Presented by: Tom Holden, Bus Advisors, LLC

With the importance of the upcoming ELD mandate on December 16, 2019, this webinar will bring clarification to any misunderstandings about the expectations of carriers. This webinar will bring to light all of the required materials. Participants will learn what is expected of them as an operator and the easiest ways to train and implement.

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